About Us

JNK India is enriched with the core values of professional expertise, customer service values, and benchmark performance making it a top Engineering and Technology company.

The company’s history reaches the 1980s when Korean company Daelim Engineering Limited, one of the largest EPC contractors, entered the fired heaters/furnaces industry. With innovative designs and excellent business services, the company soon became a global powerhouse in the industry causing it to establish an independent business for this service under the name of JNK Heaters Company Limited in 1998.

Using the rich expertise and professional knowledge coupled with modern technology, JNK India has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology and superior services for clients to excel in competitive global markets.

The Indian presence established in 2010 has been a boon in sustainable energy sources for the Indian and global markets. The company has executed several fired heater/reformer/flare/incinerator & hydrogen dispensing station projects to emerge as a trusted partner in these fields.

Oil & Gas/Petrochemical

Hydrogen Energy

Renewable Energy

Environmental Projects

Fertilizer Sector

Along with supplying technology solutions on a complete turnkey package or on engineering and manufacturing basis, our business services also include feasibility studies, process design (thermal & mechanical design), basic and detailed engineering, project management, procurement, shop fabrication and quality control, field erection, supervision, and start-up services of various solutions equipped with full guarantees.

Our specialities include

Fired Heaters

Hydrogen / Methanol / Ammonia Reformers

Cracking (Pyrolysis) Furnace

Flare Package

Incinerator / Thermal Oxidiser

Hydrogen Refueling Station

Solar PV Projects

Along with business expertise, safe environmental practices are core values which has led to the formation of JNK Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary to implement Green EPC projects in solar and related sectors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure sustainable development through technology and engineering with the help of innovative and collaborative solutions. Safety, cost, quality and timely execution are the key pillars with which we execute all our projects.

Our Vision

Our vision at JNK India is to be a globally trusted technology-solutions provider in the fields of Combustion Engineering, Hydrogen, renewable energy and be known for ethical and competitive practises that provide all our clients a leading edge over their competitors.